12 Day Strength Program Meal Plan

Here is a preview of a meal plan designed for you to eat when you’re enrolled in our twelve day strength program. This is designed to give you the correct amount of protein, carbs, and fat while keeping you satisfied.

Below is an example of one day on the program.

Meal Plan Template
WeekdayMealProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)
Breakfast(3) Scrambled Eggs w/ (1/4c) feta cheese and (1) sprouted grain toast2511.523
Snack 1(1can) Tuna w/ (1/2) serrano pepper, (1tbs) avocado mayo2204
Lunch(6oz) Chicken Breast w/ (1/2 cup) white rice, (1 cup) spinach, (1/2) red pepper43300
Snack 2(2) Hard Boiled Eggs w/ (1/4 cup) almonds17222
Dinner(8oz) Steak w/ (1 cup) cauliflower rice, (1 cup) spinach, (1/2) red pepper58146
Snack 3Egg White Protein Shake2400
Daily MACRO Totals18957.555