The Gym Venice’s Training Programs

Beginner Strength Training Program

Our beginners program focuses on compound movements to safely, efficiently, and effectively build muscle, strength, and burn fat.

Duration: 3 days a week for 4 weeks.

Here is what to expect when participating in our initial four week program and if you continue with our additional programs. All programs can be customized to meet your needs and work for you!

Week 1

  • Go through all of the programs movements.  You will learn why and how to perform each movement.  We will find and log all of your starting points and take body measurements.

Week 2

  • With a focus on form while performing each movement we will begin to increase workload and decrease rest period.

Week 3

  • Increasing workload, weights, and decreasing rest period we begin to tailor your program to reach your goals.

Week 4

  • The program movements, weights, repetitions, and rest periods are designed and a trainer will take you through your program.
  • Strength and body measurements are taken at the completion for the fourth week.

Continued Strength Program

  • Make necessary adjustments to reach goals and continue designed strength program for an additional 4 weeks.
  • Strength and body measurements are taken at the completion for the fourth week.

Conditioning Program

Using moderate to high intensity interval training methods you will improve cardiovascular health, strength, and burn unwanted fat.

Mobility/Flexibility Program 

Performing specific poses, stretches, and movements, this program frees you from the aches, pains, and stiff muscles that restrict your movement and hold you back from fully participating in the strength and conditioning programs and all activities you enjoy.

Disease Prevention Program

This is a combination of our three training programs yielding 180 minutes of weekly vigorous activity which is the weekly requirement set by the Heart Association of America for disease prevention.

  • One 60 minute full body of weight strength training
  • One 60 minute conditioning workout
  • One 60 minute mobility and flexibility training