Having a good gym partner makes achieving your fitness goals that much simpler. Here are some tips



Traits of a Good Gym Partner

Always on Time

Working out requires enough effort on its own. Spending time waiting around for your partner to start not only wastes time, it sucks the energy out of the workout itself. Make sure you’re working out with someone that understands the value of your time together. Otherwise, it’s best to just work out individually anyway.


Goal Driven Gym Partner

You’ll both need to be goal driven in order to achieve real fitness success. Also, this doesn’t mean your goals have to sync up exactly. One of you could be going for toning while the other wants more muscle mass. Regardless, you both are going to be working towards these goals in tandem. It shouldn’t feel one sided, as if you’re the only one giving any real effort.

Additionally, tracking these goals is massively important as well. Whatever you can use as a motivator, whether it be a certain PR, number of reps done, or other measurable goal. Having this on a board and tracking time spent working towards this goal, current progress, and other factors will make everything else come more easily.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude breathes new life into working out with your gym partner. Even if it’s just casual exercise, positive energy makes it feel that much easier to get up in the morning or after work to go to the gym. Additionally, that positive energy often translates into more reps and an energized attitude. You can feel the difference when you leave the gym, as those sore arms and wobbly legs won’t feel quite as bad.

Mutual Patience

Sharing patience between each other for achieving goals is a major factor to being a good gym partner. Showing them that you’re ready to help them reach their goal, but also respecting the time it takes for them to reach it is huge. You don’t want to rush results and get yourselves injured. Trusting that proverbial process and taking your time while staying urgent in your gym behaviors keeps you motivated. Also, patience allows achievable goals to actually be reached.

What many athletes do is set unreachable goals early on and feel like they’re making no progress at all. Not to worry! We’ve got a solution to ensure you get the results you’ve been looking for.


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