Gaining muscle and toning are fantastic routes to pursue athletically. They both have their places, and are necessary for fitness growth. Here are some tips to refine your workout routine and create results for yourself today.


What Is My Fitness End Goal?


Setting your end goal is an important initial step to growing fast. However, it may seem unattainable early on. Don’t worry! Your perspective is what will determine whether the goal is reachable or not.


How Perspective Affects Fitness Growth

If you’re telling yourself every day that you don’t want to get up and go the gym, you’re probably right. Instead, if you tell yourself you have the opportunity to go to the gym and get healthier, you’ll see a world of change in the results. This is crucially important to establish early on. Then, you won’t be wasting energy thinking about where you could be. Alternatively, it just shifts the focus to what we can control today. As you decide this, you’ll fall into the categories of either improving stamina, gaining muscle, toning, or a little bit of it all.

Gaining Muscle

If your main goal is to put on major muscle gains, there’s a ton that goes into making this a worthy pursuit.


Eating Habits

First, eating habits will be a key factor. Gaining muscle will take a major dietary change to start seeing progress. This means a shift to more protein-based foods with heavy intake throughout the day. Additionally, your daily nutrition will need to elevate to a much higher constant than before. Whether this is adding protein bars to your day, apples, or other small snacks, you’re going to be eating something almost constantly.


Weight over Reps

In terms of actual weight training, higher weights and fewer reps are going to be what build major muscle.


Intense Consistency

For most, the biggest barrier is getting over the consistency barrier. This really goes for toning, building up stamina, and gaining muscle. You can’t expect to see results working out as hard as you can twice a month. Instead, having 2-3 workouts a week that are relatively strenuous are much more effective. Consistency breeds confidence and tangible growth. Don’t let yourself fall behind on that consistency.


Start Making Muscle Gains Today!


To start your muscle gains and reaching your goals faster, train with us today. We’ll help you gain muscle and reach goals with confidence. We’re looking forward to getting into the gym with you!