Meal prepping is a fantastic asset to your weekly fitness regimen. Overall, a lot goes into starting healthy fitness habits. With your diet handled, you’ll start to see quicker, more consistent results. Here are some tips to start meal planning today.

How Many Meals Do You Eat a Day?

Consider this first. Of course, the recommended amount is three well-balanced meals per day. But what does that mean?

Each meal should contain one of each of the following in a perfect world:


Proteins are the foundation of any strong fitness diet. You need protein to stay energized and keep pushing when your muscles are recovering. These most often are lightly seasoned chicken recipes, but can range to other red meats and heavier proteins for those that want denser growth.


Starches are also a key component. Without starch, your proteins and vegetables can get out of balance quickly. Essentially, starches keep you stable and allow you to stay consistent with your workouts. For higher calories and more filling meals, plain or buttered noodles are a great basic starch to keep you grounded in your workout regimen.


Vegetables are too often overlooked, or eaten as a replacement of protein. Find that perfect balance of all three values by picking vegetables you enjoy eating. Regardless of which vegetable you choose, these are absolutely necessary. Your recovery, injury resistance, and nutrition rely on vegetables more than starch and protein. Broccoli, carrots, Brussel sprouts, and more.

With these three components working in tandem, you’ll have fantastic meal prepping results.


Benefits of Meal Prepping

Strong Nutritional Values

Developing nutritional values doesn’t just happen overnight. You need a steady diet and reinforcement of the values it instills. To accomplish this, meal planning keeps you eating habitually, with nutritious, quality foods.


Save Money

Additionally, you save a ton of money at the grocery store. Planning out a whole week’s worth of meals and avoiding those impulse buys can be very wallet friendly. You also become more selective with what you put in your body, and can see the ingredients that impact your progress.


Translating to Fitness Success

Now, while meal prepping may be a good practice on its own, how does it help you achieve your fitness goals? We’ve got the answers for you at The Gym Venice in Los Angeles, CA. Come train with us and get on a strong meal planning routine that pushes your fitness goals to new heights. We’re looking forward to working with you!