One-on-One Fitness Training

New Client Fitness training Intro Special - $20.22

At the Gym Venice in Los Angeles, CA we offer one-on-one fitness training programs that are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle and get you visible results.

We have certified personal trainers who will spend time with you in order to create a unique fitness training program that is tailored to address your personal concerns, body type, and fitness goals.

A personal trainer will work with you in customizing your own personal training program. Each exercise is chosen and streamlined for you so that you can get the best results out of your workouts. We’ll teach you all the proper exercising forms and techniques so that you can execute your workouts as thoroughly and safely as possible.

What Are the Benefits of One-on-One Training?

Pushing Your Physical Limits

A fitness coach is guaranteed to push you to train harder than you would if training on your own. This creates faster results for your fitness goals, and a stabler mentality to grow on the field, in the weight room, and beyond.

Tailor-Made Personal Training

We’re all unique in terms of our respective body types, fitness limitations, health profiles, and lifestyles. This is why a tailor-made plan for you will help you achieve your desired results quicker than a generalized group fitness class.

Physical Accountability

The likelihood of you canceling or not showing up to a training session when you’ve paid for a one-on-one appointment is practically zero to none— meaning you have no excuses to not show up.

Develop Perfect Workout Form

Having a professional trainer observe and correct your every move as you’re working out ensures perfect form. This ultimately means you’ll benefit from better results and a drastically decreased chance of injury.

Fitness Education Opportunity

One-on-one sessions allow you the opportunity to ask as many questions about physical training and health as you’d like