Meet Kris

Meet Kris - the owner & founder of The Gym Venice

The Gym Venice - Kris Herbert

I began my training journey on a very wobbly bench in my parents’ Buffalo, N.Y. basement with a rusty barbell in my 10-year-old hands. My older brother was there, attempting to train me - but he suddenly seemed quiet when I lifted the weight on the bar with ease. 


That was the beginning of countless hours in the basement, thousands of reps under the bar, and quickly outgrowing that rusty old bench. 


I moved from my basement to the local gym under the guidance of the strongest lifter there.  I quickly started getting stronger, with more endurance and stamina, every day. But some other things were happening too, right in sync with my changing body. More confidence, growing inner strength, openness to trying new stuff - all of that was happening. 

There was one more change, which kind of surprised me - every day at the gym, I was pausing my workouts to go help someone else. Maybe this guy to my left was just about to seriously hurt himself - or that woman was able to do more, lift more, than she thought - she just needed a little boost. Turned out, the more I shared what I knew with anyone who was open to it, the better my own workouts were going. You really can't keep it, unless you give it away! 

I became a trainer and I started to train people who'd been in serious car accidents or were recovering from a surgery or who had chronic medical conditions - and with patience, compassion and consistency, every one of them got stronger, built more flexibility and staying power. No matter what age you are or what kind of shape you're in right now - give this training a shot - I'll help you get to where you want to be. I'll help you reach and exceed your goals. I'm in it with you - all the way!

Kris Herbert

The Gym Venice