Meet Kris

Meet Kris - the owner & founder of The Gym Venice

The Gym Venice - Kris Herbert

To be an expert in any field, one must have extensive knowledge and skills that can only come from years of experience.

To be great at something, one must be much more than an expert. They must dedicate years to understanding, performing, and deliberately practicing with a focus on surpassing every goal.

Greatness is earned over a lifetime of constant work and adaptation and the unquenchable thirst for greatness.

For over 20 years I have strived to be the greatest weightlifter I could possibly be.

I began my journey on a wobbly bench in my parents’ basement with a rusty barbell in my hands, my older brother’s eyes wide with amazement as I lifted the same amount of weight as him. I achieved acceptance through strength.

Since the first time I picked up a weight, strength became my mission. Thoughts of bench pressing consumed me, my dreams perpetually grew, and fueled my desire to succeed. Countless hours in the basement, thousands of reps under the bar, and I quickly outgrew that rusty old bench. I earned the respect of my brother and an opportunity to train with him.

Under the guidance of the strongest bencher I knew, I quickly met and surpassed unreachable weights. My strength quickly increased on the bench, my dreams grew beyond weights I ever thought possible, in turn drew the attention of the coach that would ultimately push me to be one of the best benchers in the world.

I put in twenty years of studying, training, and competing side by side with the strongest lifters in the world. I reached goals my 16 year old self would have never imagined - bench pressing 770lb.

I became one of the top ranked weight lifters all time.