Pain Management

At the Gym Venice in Los Angeles, CA we offer Treatment for pain management. we have a specialized manual therapy practitioner who is able to specifically address and treat pain, discomfort, and other problems in the body.

What Is Manual Therapy for Pain Management?

Manual therapy (also known as“MT”) is a method of treatment that aims to ease pain and help patients who are treated to move and function comfortably.

What Does a Manual Therapist Do?

During the first session, what usually happens is that your MT will assess your physical weaknesses and areas of pain.

Then, they’ll ask you questions about what type of pain you’re experiencing when performing everyday activities, about how well you’re sleeping, and about your medical history.

Then, your MT will go ahead and administer tests that measure:

  • Your balance and/or posture
  • Your walking and/or climbing capabilities
  • Your flexibility when reaching, bending, grasping, etc.

Lastly, your manual therapist will tailor a treatment plan according to your specific bodily needs.

Pain Management Manual Therapist