Women’s Strength Classes

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At the Gym Venice in Los Angeles, CA we offer women’s strength classes that make working out less intimidating and more fun.

Not only that, but they’re also a great way to climb out of any fitness rut— whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, tone up, or just get your body moving; we’re sure to have the right class for you.

We have certified instructors who keep the energy level high at all times so that you never feel like you’re dragging your feet through any fitness class. Fitness classes are a great way to kickstart your fitness regimen, de-stress, and even make new friends. On top of all that, you’ll walk out of your class sweaty and confident that you’re one step closer to your fitness goals.

Benefits of women’s strength classes

Collective Positive Energy

Working out with a group can really liven up the atmosphere and propel your workout to greater heights. Mix that in with the upbeat music and your enthusiastic coach, your sweaty workout almost feels like a fun party.

Discover New workout Friendships

Building a like-minded group of fellow fitness enthusiasts can elevate your training to another level. Group fitness classes help take the pressure away from working out, especially when you have a great support group cheering you on.

Cost-Effective Workout Plans

Group training classes cost much less than one-on-one training, so rest assured that you won’t break the bank by signing up for one or five classes.